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Biokinetics in Windhoek

Evolve Sport & Rehabilitation Centre is one of the leading biokinetics practices in Namibia, located at 12 Sipres Street in Suiderhof, Windhoek.

As an owner-run operation, ESR biokinetics in Windhoek is dedicated to providing every client with the very best service and personalized attention.

The owners boast an impressive array of personal experience and are both dedicated sportsmen who have your best interests at heart. The team consists of:

  • Stephan Ackermann (BA Human Movement Science & BA Honours Biokinetics) and
  • Philip Kuhn (BA Human Movement Science & BA Honours Biokinetics)

Together they aspire to showing you how to make the most of your physical abilities to achieve maximum performance or recover from injury.

Biokinetics for Recovery from Injury or Illness

Apart from helping you in your sporting endeavors, ESR Biokineticists in Windhoek can also assist with the following conditions:

  • Hypertension
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Orthopedic conditions of the knee, ankle, shoulder, hip and upper and lower back

Each patient is individually assessed, and a personalized exercise regime is then set up to assist in their ongoing recovery or relief from symptoms associated with the above.

Physical Profiling for Individuals and Groups

In addition, ESR can assist with cardiac performance monitoring by means of ECG, intensive rehabilitation programs to speed up recovery from injury and general health and fitness advice.

Corporate Services

At ESR our team of biokineticists in Windhoek can help to educate your employees on the correct use of their bodies to avoid injury while performing their daily tasks. We can also assist you in your work environment and offices to advise on how to make your workspaces more ergonomic for maximum performance.

Structured Exercise Therapy

A program of holistic exercise for improved health consists of assessments, goal setting, exercise intervention and ongoing evaluation to ensure progress. Education with regard to lifestyle modifications is an integral part of exercise therapy.

Sports Performance

Top level athletes need the best care to reach and stay at their peak. At ESR signing up for biokinetics in Windhoek can help you to reach your performance goals with ongoing consultations, reviews and assessments of your progress.


The ESR biokinetics center in Windhoek is equipped with all the latest gym apparatus and testing equipment to help nurse you back to health or achieve maximum performance. We consistently service and upgrade our facilities to keep them in line with the latest techniques and principles of biokinetics.

Get in touch to make an appointment and discover the difference that ESR biokinetics in Windhoek can make in your life.

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