Rapid Recover System Now at ESR Biokinetics

ESR Biokinetics in Windhoek Now Offer the New Rapid Recover Compression System

As part of their ongoing efforts to improve their services and help people achieve optimum performance and good health, ESR biokinetics in Windhoek is now able to offer access to the ground-breaking Rapid Recover System.

This new technology is geared towards improving recovery time for athletes in all disciplines by simulating massage therapy.

What is Rapid Recover?

The benefits of massage therapy are well-known and were highlighted in a 2016 study by North Carolina University. Conducted over two years, this study proved that elite athletes were able to recover quicker, increase their flexibility and ultimately train harder when subjected to weekly massage therapy sessions.

Rapid Recover takes this type of treatment to a new level, employing a compression system that improves circulation, removes inflammatory fluids and flushes the build-up of blood lactate. It works by applying specific sequential pressure to selected areas of the body using a 6-chamber massage compression unit.

The system supports a wide range of pressure options which can be tailored to suit an extensive variety of treatments. The pressure levels may be adjusted from 30mmHg to 240mmHg spread across 8 different options on the Rapid Recover device.

When used under the supervision of a biokineticist, the Rapid Recover system has several benefits. These are:

  • Less stiffness after exercise
  • Faster muscle repair after exercise
  • Better blood lactate removal
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased lymph node drainage

Rapid Recover is highly effective in assisting with rehabilitative treatment after injury. Rapid Recover complements the long-held tradition of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to facilitate and enhance recovery.

It works like this:
Human cells need oxygen to heal and multiply, and the fastest way to get them this vital element is by stimulating blood flow to the affected area. Numerous studies have shown that increased blood flow results in faster healing rates for damaged tissue and even bone fractures.

Rapid Recovery’s intermittent dynamic compression technology helps increase blood flow, since pressure created by massage helps move blood from congested areas, encouraging new oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to take its place.

In the same way, inflammatory fluid is forced out of the area, resulting in increased flexibility and reduced pain.

Beyond Exercise

More importantly, Rapid Relief can be used to treat a range of potentially life-threatening conditions too. For example, positive results have been achieved in the following instances:

  • Poor Blood Circulation – When blood flow is restricted, the result is pain, discomfort, and swelling. By improving venous flow with massage, Rapid Relief can alleviate these symptoms
  • Lymphedema – This condition ensues due to impaired flow of the lymphatic system when the lymph vessels are blocked or malfunctioning. Extreme localized swelling can occur. Usually, this condition affects a single arm or leg. There is no cure for lymphedema, and effective treatment is hard to come by.
    To date, compression treatments such as Rapid Recover are the most effective way to reduce swelling and aid fluid removal.
  • DVT Prevention
    Deep vein thrombosis can be fatal and results from clotting in the veins. Studies show that compression is the best way to prevent DVT.

Recover Rapidly with the experts at ESR in Windhoek

The team at Evolve Sport and Rehabilitation Centre (biokinetics in Windhoek) is excited to be one of the first medical professionals in Namibia to offer this advanced treatment system.
They urge both sportspeople and those who could benefit from compression treatment to take advantage of this new technology and its many benefits.

At present, ESR offers treatment with the leg sleeve and will add to its treatment options as demand warrants it.

Book your Rapid Recover session now. 

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