Benefits of Exercise

There’s no doubt that living a healthy lifestyle boosts your immune system and decreases your chances of infection, helps your body to heal from injury and even increases your lifespan.

The main elements of a healthy lifestyle are eating correctly, avoiding smoking and excessive medications, sufficient rest, and exercise. Together, these elements ensure you’ll live the healthiest and happiest life you can, but an improvement in any of these areas will certainly help too.


On its own, these are the benefits of exercise for the immune system.

Exercise Flushes Bacteria Out of the Lungs and Airways

Increased breathing rates during exercise helps to force air out of your lungs, taking harmful bacteria and pollution with it. This prevents these damaging substances from accumulating in your respiratory system and causing harm.

Benefits of Exercise for Healing

When you exercise blood flows more rapidly through your veins. This means the white blood cells responsible for healing and fighting disease circulate faster too. When your white blood cells are moving faster, they get around more and are thus likely to pick up any illness quicker and get to work immediately.

Exercise May Inhibit Bacterial Growth

As you exercise, your body temperature rises slightly, which can prevent bacterial growth and help your body fight infection. An elevated temperature is one of the ways in which your body combats any bacteria and viruses it encounters, so it makes sense that raising your temperature with exercise should work the same way.

Exercise Combats Stress

On its own stress can lead to harmful side effects like anxiety, depression and cardiovascular harm. Regular exercise causes your body to release feel-good enzymes called dopamine which help to slow down the release of stress hormones.


Studies Continue on the Benefits of Exercise

While scientists have been a little remiss in studying the direct benefits of exercise for immunity, extensive studies have been completed involving the role exercise plays in combating several conditions.

It’s been proven that exercise can help individuals suffering from:

  • Muscular stress and strains
  • Diabetes
  • High and low blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Obesity

When your body is less focused on combating serious conditions like these, your immune system is freed up to fight any opportunistic infections that come along. By improving your overall health it’s likely that exercise gives you a better chance at fighting infection of any kind.


Exercise Cautiously

If you are feeling unwell or suffering from a known condition, it’s best to get medical advice before undertaking any exercise.

A qualified and experienced Biokineticist will be able to assist you with a healthy exercise program that suits your health goals without placing you under excessive strain. They’ll supervise your initial efforts and work out a scalable exercise program that suits your exact needs.

Speak to your doctor about the best Biokineticist near your or, if you live in or near Windhoek, you can get in touch with ESR Biokinetics for a consultation.

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